Feeding and Fueling
Big Dreams of Kids in Need


KKJ Foundation, Inc. feeds and fuels big dreams by replacing obstacles with solutions that include mobile food pantry assistance, mentorships, counseling, & educational trips in collaboration with the school & justice systems.


Our vision is to empower kids in need to "big dreams beyond screens" and make their real lives better than what they could ever imagine. We do this by connecting them with vital resources like mobile food pantry, skills training, counseling, support groups and educational opportunities.

KKJF Food Bank Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-2pm.
Location: The Village on Riverwalk at the "Clubhouse" 5327 Riverwalk Lane College Park, Georgia 30349.
Paperwork must be completed every time a client receives food at KKJF Food Pantry.

If the KKJF Food Pantry is closed and you are in need of emergency food assistance, please call 211 United Way. KKJF office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Email: admin@kkjfoundation.org
Phone: 770-286-2184

Our Services

KKJ Foundation, Inc. can offer assistance across a broad spectrum using creative partnerships and fundraising strategies because we know that it takes more than "one thing" to help pull at-risk populations out of poverty cycles. That's why we focus on generational opportunity building in combination with immediate support for food assistance.

About Us

Founded on the precept that the best support for a community comes from within the community, KKJ Foundation, Inc. strives to help at-risk populations embrace their full potential to get excited by the future. We know that youths in hopeless situations are often quick to escape into worlds of screens, fantasies, distractions, or crime to avoid the defeat that they experience daily. At KKJ Foundation, Inc. we believe that providing resources to help at-risk youths achieve their goals can allow them to realize dreams beyond screens to become real-world leaders and entrepreneurs.

One of the immediate goals of KKJ Foundation, Inc. is to provide a mobile food pantry assistance program for families in need of assistance due to low income. A community-supported mobile food pantry program allows easy access to nutritious food without stigma. However, our organization doesn't believe that assistance should stop with meeting basic needs. That's why we also focus on feeding dreams through an innovative program for sparking a love of education and self-improvement using counseling, skills training, support groups and trips.

Additionally, KKJ Foundation, Inc. will focus on feeding dreams through innovative programs that will source a love for education and self empowerment with the help of our resources.

Our strategy is to identify, engage and grow high risk youth by partnering with schools and the justice system to connect kids with our foundation. Once connected, we want to provide resources that will spur them to world leadership.

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We can reach kids before they drop out to become part of the justice system. You can help. Support KKJ Foundation, Inc. to ignite tomorrow's brightest minds today!

How We Help

Team Info

KKJ Foundation, Inc. was founded by Keith & Keisha Jones seeking a better system for keeping kids out of the justice system. With support from both school systems and the justice system, we've developed a way to support at-risk populations that slip through the cracks. Our unique positioning in the "great divide" between systems and people allows us to provide the resources needed to encourage the people we support to trustfully engage with educational resources, counseling, support groups and youth development.

We are committed to utilizing partnerships to provide food assistance, educational opportunities, counseling, and experiences that inspire kids to stay the course of schooling. Our mission isn't easy. However, we are fully confident that support from individuals and corporations will help us to keep at-risk kids engaged in building brighter futures.


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    Let's leave an imprint together. KKJ Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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